Building your brand vs. Selling products – What to focus on?

Selling your products or services and making a profit is essential, there’s no doubt about it. But, if you think long-term and want your business to go that extra mile, building your brand will prove to be an absolute must.

Branding is much more than creating a clever name, a beautiful logo, and a catchy slogan. It’s about creating memorable interactions with the customers and getting the brand’s message across, regardless of where the communication occurs. In other words, branding is about having a unified message that is compelling and memorable to consumers.

But still, why would you focus on branding instead of sales?

Don’t get us wrong, you should always provide the best product or service you can. But, let’s be honest, there will still be competition. You might have the best product, but someone will come along with the best price. Or you have unbeatable prices, but your competitors brand is bigger, so the potential customer goes with them instead.

Simply put, even with the best product, service or price, you might lose potential customers.

That’s where building your brand comes in.

Branding leads to recognition

One of the most significant reasons to focus on branding is to get recognition. Consumers tend to go for brands they already know, even if it’s a new product or service. When your brand becomes familiar to potential customers, it’s the first step towards creating a relationship with them, and that’s a big deal.

Branding generates leads

When your branding is on point, and people identify with your message, it’s easier to get shares and referrals. So, you get to expand your online audience and reach more potential customers. Plus, you get loyal customers that do the promoting for you.

Building your brand improves employees trust and satisfaction

A successful business depends entirely on the people working on it behind the scenes. Whether you have a team of, well one, ten or a hundred, engagement is critical.

Building a brand with a strong message will get employees engaged and make them proud of their workplace. In turn, they will be happier and more fulfilled. Customers will be at the receiving end of all their happiness.

Creating trust through branding

Having a unified look across all your online platforms, print or any other interaction and delivering the same message, which resonates with your target audience, can help your brand look more professional and polished. That’s why web marketing matters.

Why don’t companies like talking about branding?

Unlike overnight oats, there’s no such thing as overnight branding. It’s a slow process, and it’s hard to measure direct results related to it. For instance, when you invest in a Facebook ad, you can go over the stats and decide whether it was ROI positive or not. It’s simple.

Branding is an investment that doesn’t reflect directly in an ROI based analysis. It’s more of a perception game. But it’s 100% worth it.

In the long run, building your brand will allow more and more customers to know who you are and establish a connection with you. When you strive to be consistent in communication and the experience you deliver, customers will come back for more.

Your brand has the potential to take on the world if you focus on branding.

Speaking of branding, many people don’t take the next step forward because they struggle to find a starting point. With that in mind, Ape Thinker thought you might need a helping hand. So, let’s talk about branding.

Published on 2018-09-05